Kryptogen Rundfunk live at Onegog Center, Moscow, Russia (27.11.2021)


Kryptogen Rundfunk is an experimental sound project started in 2002 in St. Petersburg, Russia and currently based in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. The project works with analogue electronics, radio waves, electromagnetic interference and found sounds, creating sophisticated aural images, often exploring extreme areas of the sonic spectrum. The purpose of these experiments is to temporarily switch off listeners’ rational perception and immerse them into the direct experience of abstract sound.

During more than 20 years of its activity Kryptogen Rundfunk has recorded several studio albums released by various European and Russian labels, and performed over 300 live gigs, both solo and in collaboration with many local and international artists. Among the most well-known names to share the stage with were Einstürzende Neubauten, Ben Frost, Troum, Bad Sector, Aube, Jacob Kirkegaard, Clock DVA, and Brighter Death Now.

Other prominent works include several soundtracks created in collaboration with the contemporary sculptor & painter Dmitry Kawarga. These works are currently part of the permanent exhibitions at the Erarta contemporary art museum of St. Petersburg, Nikola-Lenivets (the largest modern art park in Europe) and Kawarga-Skete (biomorphic sculpture park).

Artem O. (aka Artyom Kryptogen), the man behind this project, is also the founder of the ZHELEZOBETON record label, one of the biggest labels of post-industrial & experimental music in Russia. The latest release curated by Artyom was the compilation of Russian underground sound artists protesting against Putin’s invasion in Ukraine, published by the Danish label TOPOS.