29.12.2016. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #3 promoting news of ZHELEZOBETON label & mailorder for experimental music.

24.12.2016. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays a live gig @ Yspenie – Bryusov ship, Moscow (with Phurpa, Uhushuhu, Lovozero, Legion Cassandra & Andrey Morozov, VJ OST, VJ Dzhezus, Paraplegic Twister, X3D5, Hextrap, Forgttn, .Noa & Lvnd, Sarin, VJ .Noa, VJ Spam).

23.12.2016. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss @ Ineistaya Gipnotsentral’ – Sound Museum (ESG-21), St. Petersburg (with Hladna, Tretiy Mir, VJ Yuri Elik).

11.12.2016. A new release by Govorit Radio “Kosmos” (our collaboration project with Evgeniy Savenko of Lunar Abyss) – the cassette named “Shturm Orbity (Storming the Orbit)” released by Evgeniy’s DIY-label BioSonar^Lo-End in an edition of just 10 copies.

“The recordings of Govorit Radio «KOSMOS» have never been released in solo format, only some fragments of live shows on different compilations. The project is absolutely focused on live actions: peremptory noise created of radio interference and device abuse, plastic performance and psychedelic video projection. Therefore this cassette is only a fixation of two live gigs from various years, remotely resembling the atmosphere of fanatic inspiration and enthusiasm, accompanying noise actions of Govorit Radio «KOSMOS» project.”


26.11.2016. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss @ Redkoe Snolesye / Rarefied Dreamforest – Sound Museum (ESG-21), St. Petersburg (with Ogni Videniy, Uhushuhu, VJ Yuri Elik, VJ Bahog).

20.11.2016. Playing a vinyl set as DJ Kryptogen @ Electrovigvam – Hexagon, St. Petersburg (with DJ Abysssphere, Boevye Cikady, DJ Evergreen).

The recording of this set is on mixcloud.

18.11.2016. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss @ Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum, Moscow (with Neznamo and Creation VI).

07.11.2016. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #2.

28.10.2016. Performing as a member of Petrograd Drone Gathering @ Sound Museum (ESG-21), St. Petersburg (with members of Lunar Abyss, Ogni Videniy, Uhushuhu, VJ Yuri Elik).

10-15.10.2016. Kryptogen Rundfunk, Neznamo and Uhushuhu go on Baltic Tour and play 5 gigs in Riga, Latvia (Chomsky), Pärnu, Estonia (Kultuuriklubi Tempel), Tallinn, Estonia (MIM Stuudio, with Niklas Adam & Eirik Blekesaune), Turku, Finland (Kirjakahvila, with VJ Bahog) and Helsinki, Finland (Akusmata, with VJ Bahog).

07.10.2016. A new release! Kryptogen Rundfunk’s second studio album “Liquid Circuits” is out on ZHELEZOBETON as a CD edition of 333 copies.

“”Liquid Circuits” is the second solo studio album by Kryptogen Rundfunk released 12 years after the debut album “22.SZ” (Mechanoise Labs, 2004). The gap between these two works was filled with many collaborations and split recordings with such artists as Hladna, Lunar Abyss, Neznamo, Umpio, Forgttn, to name a few, and many tracks on various experimental and noise music compilations. Behind the project stands M.M., also known for running the ZHELEZOBETON and Muzyka Voln labels and participating in other projects such as Hattifnatter, Govorit Radio Kosmos, etc.

The album is built on the use of analogue synthesizers and effect processors, various found sounds, samples and, of course, traditional for this project multiple kinds of radio noises and interceptions recorded both in home studio and various unusual places (the Caucasus mountains, Kola polar region, several cities of Western Europe…). Kryptogen Rundfunk combines elements of sound collage, drone and dark ambient, power electronics, chaotic and structured noise, weaving his multilayered musical fabric from them. Sonic streams radiate with all shades of frequencies, looped pieces of interference spiral out and soft rhythmic pulsations make room for scorching detailed electric noise burning out holes in sonic perception.


22.09.2016. Together with Exit In Grey we recorded a collaboration track “Lunar Wind”, it gets released on a web-compilation “Isorropia V” by Heliophagia Netlabel.

31.08.2016. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays a collab live gig with Svetlo111 @ Ambient Birthday – Sound Museum (ESG-21), St. Petersburg (with Hladna, Dom Vdovy, A.T.M.O.M., Bardoseneticcube, Toxi-X, VJ Yuri Elik).

26.08.2016. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #1 promoting news of ZHELEZOBETON label & mailorder for experimental music. This has become the beginning of series of mixes which continued until the last episode #54 in July 2022.

06.08.2016. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum @ Horizon open-air festival, Flotskiy cape, Leningrad region (with Alphazentaurius & Stas Ostrikov, Tongue Of Birds, Abjective, Igor Starshinov, Fizzarum, Re’sequence, Dvory, 73!, Jahgel, Tile~Shore, Symphocat, Unlogic Thing).

22-23.07.2016. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays two live gigs under the object called “Inhabited Substance” built by Dmitry Kawarga @ Archstoyanie festival – Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga region. A small video from the second performance is available on youtube.

“This is a biomorphic sculpture with an internal contemplation room. Within this hybrid object one can sit or lie down for a long time, feeling oneself a living being inside another being and at the same time experiencing a state of hovering, being cut off from terra firma and social bustle.”


For this object Kryptogen Rundfunk created a special soundtrack with two asynchronously overlapping layers of sound. The soundtrack was transmitted by two portable players through small speakers, but since the whole system wasn’t secured inside of the object, it got stolen on the second day of the festival. The sculpture however remains as part of the permanent exhibition of the park.

01.07.2016. Performing live as a member of Hattifnatter @ Gudelnaya Polyana – Hideout, Moscow (with Boevye Cikady, w.clouds).

13.06.2016. A new release! Split-cassette between Kryptogen Rundfunk and Forgttn “Verges: Tada Ima / Elaboration” published by NEN Records.

The eighth NEN Records cassette is an encounter of Russian crypto-techno. It is not just a split – that is, a record shared by two projects. ‘Verges’ looks like a special construction connecting time and space. And this construction is of a double-edged nature, as its name conveys.

Side A contains a record made at a dash impromptu on a July 2004 night set by the renown St.Petersburg project Kryptogen Rundfunk. Side B is a debut release from Moscow DJ Paul Begge, who worked, by contrast, slowly and carefully under Forgttn moniker that opens a new era in his career.

The difference is obvious from both the side titles and technical setup. ‘Tada Ima’ means in Japanese something fleeing here and now, accidental games of emptiness, self-manifesting through the vintage Soviet synths and radio receivers. ‘Elaboration’ is a well-thought and sophisticated opus, created with the use of digital technologies 11 years later than the Side A record.

However, despite all their differences,the projects have one story to tell. Quasi-techno by KR – you can virtually feel an ironic, psychedelic mushroom aroma – steadily flows into mechanical marches by Forgttn, where you find yourself a hero in a disturbing play with an open end. May we find a better illustration of what has happened to us for the last 15 years?”


10.06.2016. Kryptogen Rundfunk takes part in the various artists compilation dedicated to David Lynch with a track “Mind in Motion” based on the sounds from the “Dune” movie (1984). The compilation “Now It’s Dark: David Lynch Tribute” released in CD format by the labels kultFRONT and ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division.

04.06.2016. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss @ Sound Museum (ESG-21), St. Petersburg (feat. Mira Drevo and Uhushuhu).

06-10.05.2016. Performing live both solo as Kryptogen Rundfunk and as a member of Lunar Abyss / Hattifnatter at @ Solar Systo Togathering 2016 open-air festival (with Six Dead Bulgarians, Noises Of Russia, Ogni Videniy, ZHA, Uhushuhu, Svetlo111, Tongue Of Birds, Silent eXperiment, DJ Evergreen, Somnambula, Tervaink, Koloyar Dreved’, Introsvet, Abedabun.Project, Bankistan, Sergey Jahgel, Drö)))me, Gastronom #22, Chisto Pole, and others).

23.04.2016. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Hideout, Moscow (with Bankistan, Tongue Of Birds, Katapygon).

12.04.2016. Performing live as a member of Govorit Radio “Kosmos” @ Cosmonoise 2016 – Sound Museum (ESG-21), St. Petersburg (with Toxi-X, Kshatriy, Svetlo111 + Ogni Videniy, VJ Yuri Elik).

19.03.2016. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss / Hattifnatter @ dRëmA-11 – Zanza, St. Petersburg (with Mielophone, Abedabun.Project, ZHA, Ghost Reflection, System Morgue).

Also, there’s a small reissue of L.A.D.O. + Hattifnatter “Lesnaya” CD-R by BioSonar^Labyrint, in handmade covers, limited to 17 copies.

01.03.2016. A new release – a split-cassette between Kryptogen Rundfunk and Umpio, limited edition of 50 copies by Spina!Rec.

“Spina piles into the jungle of electronic noises and presents a split album of significant projects from Finland and Russia: Umpio from Turku, Kryptogen Rundfunk from Saint-Petersburg! The former gave us untypical material for his music which he made with a cunning sound synthesis including software synthesizers and additional analog devices, the latter works with analog equipment to conjure feedbacks and noises. Dense and slow textures of the latter contrast with animate and moving soundscapes of the former.”


29.01.2016. Performing live as a member of Govorit Radio “Kosmos” @ Alchemy Of Noise – ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Svetlo111, Toxi-X, VJ Yuri Elik).

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