03.11.2003. Skrytoe Radioveschanie – a live performance / space suite for chamber orchestra of radio receivers conducted by Y. Gagarin, with the participation of projects Sadogipnoz, Hladna, Kryptogen Rundfunk and virtual presence of DN23rd in the Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), St. Petersburg.

23.08.2003. Mechanoise Labs publishes the first ever release of Kryptogen Rundfunk – a split-CDR with Rupor Udara “Carnal Panzer Ritual / Sendung f​ü​r Deines Mark”.

“Gathering two russian projects involved in the “Zhelezobeton” label, this split demonstrates the cold, heart-freezing power electronics of Rupor Udara and the old-school electric discharges of Kryptogen Rundfunk in an essential and condensed 36 minutes.

As soon as the pulsating loops and suffocating piano lines of “Demagnetizator” kick in, Rupor Udara builds up an emotional and painfully brutal world of raw vocals and understated melancholy, with tracks such as “My Daughter Is No More” proving themselves to be monuments to his skills.

During the second part of the split, the focus shifts to Kryptogen Rundfunk’s cunning abuse of analog retro-electronics and pounding drones. “Sendung für deines Mark” is only a small sampling of what this project has in store for us, but what a sampling it is. Mechanical loops duel with warm intoxicating bass drones for the spotlight, and once they’ve kicked in (“Maschinentanz”), there’s no shutting down this engine.

The disc ends with the brief and climatic “Kill’n’Dance”, welding together the two projects for 2 minutes of chaotic drumbox madness and inhuman vocals.”


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