22.12.2007. Performing live as a member of Lesnye Bratya @ Alban Arthuan – Cheshire Cat, St. Petersburg (with Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Places, Zevodvozogon’, VJ Alexx).

18.12.2007. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Storm of the Form – Zoccolo, St. Petersburg (with Musicproduct, Misery, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, VJ Yuri Elik).

15.12.2007. Sometime in December 2007 come out two various artists compilations featuring tracks by Kryptogen Rundfunk:

“Avtogen-Shaitan” is released by Ostroga as a double-CDR edition with completely different handmade covers. Featuring a track “Ether Spy Babka_rkTM4x4”.

“Энергия / Energia” is released by the Ukrainian label OMS Records and dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Soviet spacecraft constructor Sergey Korolyov. For some reason, most of tracks here are partially mixed with each other, the track by Kryptogen Rundfunk is mixed with a track by Nocturnal Emissions.

17.11.2007. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Somewhat Noisy 2 – DOM, Moscow (with Reutoff, Aube, VJ Yuri Elik).

15.11.2007. Performing live as a member of Cosmodrone @ Electro-Mechanica 2007 – Priboy Modern Art Centre, St. Petersburg (with TVSuicide).

10.11.2007. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Rexistence – Record, Nizhniy Novgorod (with Rat’s Hole, Bardoseneticcube).

30.10.2007. A new release! Kryptogen Rundfunk + Hladna “Rokton + Formanta” – minimalistic live recording of two Soviet analogue rhythmic synthesizers.

“Hladna and Kryptogen Rundfunk – behind these names stand two St. Petersburg-based musicians playing experimental noise music. They both nourish a tender passion for old electronic instruments and often use them at their concerts and on recordings. One warm sunny day they gathered and decided to play on two analogue rhythm synthesizers “Rokton” and “Formanta”. These are actually two identical instruments which were produced in the Soviet Union by two different factories. Each of them is the “brain” for electronic drum-kit, but can also be used separately – as a multi-channel tone-noise-generator or rhytm-machine.

Kryptogen Rundfunk used his device smoothly, evenly and calmly while Hladna expelled from his more sharp and unpredictable sounds. Worth mentioning are Hladna’s non-standard ways of making sound – on the last two tracks he opened the back plate of his synth and played not only using knobs but also getting inside and abridging contacts with his own hands (for which he was incidentally struck by the current a couple of times).

Live recording without any processing, with all it’s natural crackles and tasty overloads. Abstract electronics, minimalism and a little noise.”


13.08.2007. Performing live as a member of Horda Morda @ Zoccolo, St. Petersburg (with Musicproduct, Bardoseneticcube).

08.07.2007. Performing live as a member of Lesnye Bratya @ Phenomenology of Noise, Vol. 2 – Sigmund Freud’s Dreams Museum, St. Petersburg (a lecture-happening with Andrey Emelyanov).

06.07.2007. Performing live as a guest musician in Ritualnaya Bioingeneria @ Ivan Kupala Fucking Masterpieces – ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Bereg, Necrus, Musicproduct, Gameboyd Rice, Silence Corporation, Totalitarnaya Musykalnaya Sekta).

21.06.2007. Performing live as a member of Horda Morda @ Bloodnok Killing Area – Belgrad, St. Petersburg (with Pustozvet, Tape Salad, Sara’h Charity, Massive Ejaculation, Eject, and others).

15.06.2007. Performing live as a member of Horda Morda @ Heavy Bright Day – Orlandina, St. Petersburg (with Hladna + Potroha).

02.06.2007. Performing live as a member of Horda Morda @ Children Self-Defence Fest – open-air, Leningrad region.

14.05.2007. A new compilation “Iznutri” featuring a track by Kryptogen Rundfunk is released by Ewers Tonkunst / Indiestate Distribution.

27.04.2007. Playing live both solo as Kryptogen Rundfunk and as a member of Cosmodrone @ Secret Assembly – Orlandina, St. Petersburg (with Maroon, Hladna).

20.04.2007. A new compilation “Roulette Russe Pour Un Peu De Caviar” was released by the label Monochrome Vision, featuring a track by Kryptogen Rundfunk “No Hamsters Were Harmed During The Recording Of This Song”. This compilation has been commissioned by Studio Forum (Annecy, France) for presentation at “Bruit de la neige” festival on 20th April 2007.

12.04.2007. Performing live as a member of Govorit Radio “Kosmos” @ Cosmonoise 2007 – The Place, St. Petersburg (with Bardoseneticcube, Silence Corporation).

22-23.02.2007. Performing live as a member of Lesnye Bratya @ Military Days festival in Moscow (DOM, with Leningradki Choir, Noises Of Russia, Ierophania) and St. Petersburg (Orlandina, with Bombient Maschine, Repus Tuto Matos, Ierophania).

06.02.2007. I was interviewed by The Path Soulzine, here is this short interview (in Russian language).

27.01.2007. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Finis Mundi – Tatarstan, Kazan’ (with DJ Meinhof, Bolnye Tanzy, Korrozia Betona).

21.01.2007. Performing live as a guest musician in Ritualnaya Bioingeneria at the presentation of the “Black Square” compilation @ Zoccolo, St. Petersburg (with Bardoseneticcube, Reutoff).

06.01.2007. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Ultra Jom Kipur – Monopolka, St. Petersburg (with Hladna, Monopolka, Archelyr).

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