26.12.2010. Performing live as a guest musician of Anthesteria @ Winter Tale – SHUM, St. Petersburg (with Uwe Nolte, Majdanek Waltz).

21.12.2010. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum together with Bardoseneticcube and Kshatriy @ Winter Solstice – Vmesto, St. Petersburg (with VJ Yuri Elik).

17.12.2010. Performing live as a guest musician of Maruun @ Secret Assembly – Ptarmigan, Helsinki, Finland (with Domestic Violence).

04.12.2010. A new release by Lunar Abyss Deus Organum + Hattifnatter “Boloto” – the third installment in the series of L.A.D.O. & Hattifnatter “collaborations”. 

“The continuation of subnatural theme is presented in the new swamp album by LADO & Hattifnatter. A journey to the world of hobgoblins and water spirits. Vibrant engulfing soundscapes are mixed with laid-back light melodic noisy pieces, narrating about helobious existence and non-existence. Trip ambient, easy noise, ritual electroacoustics.”


07.11.2010. Performing live as a member of Noises Of Russia @ Meeting by the Sea – Chinese Pilot Jao Da, St. Petersburg (with StirliTZ).

04.11.2010. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss / Hattifnatter @ ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Neznamo, Kshatriy, Vresnit, VJ Yuri Elik).

The edited recording of this performance was later published by Vetvei label as “Sonastroika” CDR.

30.10.2010. Moscow-based micro label CSRC publishes a reissue of a very early and minimalistic work by Kryptogen Rundfunk & DN23rd “Silentum Universi” on CDRs and cassettes.

“Radionoise description of the Universe with total length of 45 mins 55 secs, made by comrades MM and DN in autumn 2002. Human factor is reduced to an essential minimum, and eloquent pithiness of the natural signals of radio ether comes to the forefront. “It is only an emission produced by processes that are purely physical, natural, and totally uninhabited, therefore devoid of any linguistic character, of content, of meaning…” The medium is packed in a kraft paper envelope with b/w photo, a quotation from “His Master’s Voice” by Lem unique for each copy, and all the necessary and sufficient information.”

08.10.2010. Performing live as a member of Noises Of Russia at Dark Water – an exhibition of carpets, created according to sketches by Russian graphic artist Kirill Rozhkov, especially for the Danish company EGE. Bulthaup gallery, St. Petersburg.

25.09.2010. Performing live as a member of Noises Of Russia @ Autumn Equinox – open-air, Leningrad region (with DJ Temnemenee, DJ Yagmur, DJ Ekza, KiR, Aedem, DJ Melanty, DJ T-Rex, DJ Dann, DJ Psy-H, DJ Ali, Afro).

23.09.2010. A track by Hattifnatter “Hest i Tåge” is released on a compilation “Isorropia II” by Heliophagia netlabel.  

05.09.2010. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum feat. Kshatriy @ Circles of Time – Vmesto, St. Petersburg (with Magnitarus).

05.08.2010. Performing live as a member of Hattifnatter @ Mod Roof, St. Petersburg (with DJ 1g0g, DJ Void). Our gig was cancelled by the organizer after 10 minutes as he “didn’t know you guys were playing such dark music”.

28.07.2010. Performing live as a member of New Orthodox Line @ Vmesto, St. Petersburg (with Cent Ans de Solitude).

19.07.2010. A new release by Hattifnatter (our collaboration project with Evgeniy Savenko of Lunar Abyss) – the mini-album “Ololiúqui” published by the label Operator Produkzion.

“Transcendental mystical electroacoustics and Musique Concrete, improvisations in psychedelic Drone Ambient and Lo-Fi Easy Noise style. Dark and funny atmosphere of a parallel existence. Music of electromagnetic lifeforms. Intuitive journey in sound through the spaces of wave fields and noise veils. Cult of Barometer and Lightningism.”

14.07.2010. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss / Hattifnatter @ Diamond Slumber – Vmesto, St. Petersburg (with Deep Frozen Land, Magnitarus, Kshatriy).

13.06.2010. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum @ Vmesto Opening Party – Vmesto, St. Petersburg (with Drakon Makita, Bimka, and others).

23.05.2010. Performing live as a member of Hattifnatter @ Otgoloski – DOM, Moscow (with Vresnit, Exit In Grey, Vyp’, Kshatriy).

The recording of this gig was later released on a cassette “Liven’1” by Л.Ш. label.

11.05.2010. Performing live with Sergey Ilchuk as Hattifnatter + Vresnit @ Systo Palty Togathering 2010 – open-air, Leningrad region (with Poogon’, Svetlo, Shamanton, Lunar Abyss, and others).

25.04.2010. Performing live as a member of Noises Of Russia @ In Touch – Gallery “U”, Minsk, Belarus (with Holotrope, Knyaz’ Myshkin vs. Spit it Out, Mnogo NEB).

24.04.2010. Kryptogen Rundfunk created a multichannel soundtrack for the sculpture of Dmitry Kawarga “Topography of creative evolution (Kulik’s Hair)”. This is a 30-meter long object which responds with sound to changes in the viewer’s state of mind.

“Keeping on the interactive tendencies of Dmitriy Kawarga works the new exposition explores onlookers’ thoughts flows. Research activities shows, that human brain is always bioelectric active. Every emotional or rational condition has its own unique pattern of such activity. Patterns are complicated, never repeating combinations of different rhythms (Alfa, Beta, Gamma etc), changing every second. Computer program that was made especially for the exhibition reads out those patterns. In dependence of sensor registration the program chooses one of soundtracks, thereby the object reacts on the bioactivity of the visitor brain. In other words, installation behaves different according to onlookers’ thoughts and emotions.”


09-17.04.2010. Noises Of Russia and A Challenge Of Honour go on Secret Assembly tour and play 5 gigs in Helsinki, Finland (La-bas Studio, with Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa, Zoät-Aon), St. Petersburg (The Place), Pskov (TIR), Moscow (DOM) and Kiev, Ukraine (Cinema Club, with Truart). 

19.03.2010. Performing live as a member of Noises Of Russia & Stydobischa @ Underwater (VMF Fest 2) – Ulitka na Sklone, St. Petersburg (with Cyclofillydea, The Pulsar, DJ Void, Don’ttouchmebitch!, Plastic Snow, Repus Tuto Matos, Rusted Sun, Scamp Revolver).

01.03.2010. Performing live as a member of Govorit Radio “Kosmos” @ Noise Dehypnotising Seance – Chinese Pilot Jao Da, St. Petersburg.

11.02.2010. Performing live as a member of Hattifnatter and Lunar Abyss feat. Negaoma @ Crystalline Drawings – ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Boevye Cikady, VJ Yuri Elik).

15.01.2010. Performing live as a member of Noises Of Russia @ D. Tolmatskiy Memorial Evening – ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Places, Anthesteria, VJ Yuri Elik).

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