22.12.2019. A new release by Govorit Radio “Kosmos” – our psychedelic noise collaboration project with Evgeny Savenko of Lunar Abyss, on his DIY label BioSonar^Lo-End. A cassette entitled “Ion Fever” contains various live recordings from 2017-2019, is packed in black plastic pouches and limited to just 13 copies.

“Cosmoactive noise from the activists of St. Petersburg catacomb art. Dense layers of radio interference caught by dozens of sensors, narrating about the cult of vanquishment the infernal emptiness of space. A gulp of stardust in the blinding darkness of inhuman images. Since the project is primarily actionist, all the compositions are elements of live recordings.”


29.11.2019. Performing as a member of Govorit Radio “Kosmos” @ Betonokartonnaya Volna – Sound Museum / ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with SynthCone, Elementy Nahera).

21.11.2019. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #32 promoting the news of ZHELEZOBETON mailorder. Radio support provided by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

26.10.2019. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum @ Lunar Moss – Motiv, St. Petersburg (with Creation VI, Reconstruction of Moss, Uhushuhu + w i i).

09.10.2019. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #31 promoting the news of ZHELEZOBETON label & mailorder.

28-29.09.2019. I’m taking part in Epicentroom International Audiovisual Festival at the Art Center “Pushkinskaya-10”, St. Petersburg, by organizing a small stage dedicated to my label ZHELEZOBETON. During these two days I perform as Kryptogen Rundfunk, DJ Kryptogen and as a member of Govorit Radio “Kosmos”. 

The recording of the DJ mix is available on mixcloud.

23.09.2019. A new release! Kryptogen Rundfunk “Tales from the Mirrored Spaces” is out on the Polish label Zoharum.

“Developing his sound from previous works, on this album Kryptogen Rundfunk uses more acoustic instruments (mouth harp, bowed guitar, metal plate, singing bowl, voice), yet stays true to his favourite array of synthesizers, effect units and of course his trademark shortwave radio noises and transmission interceptions. With all this set-up he creates a dynamic sonic universe varying from ritualistic ambiental textures to heavy electronics, abstract multi-layered drones and sharp gritty noises.

The release is presented in two versions: standard single CD edition (ltd. 200) in a 4-panel ecopak and special double CD edition (ltd. 100) with a recording of a live gig based on the same material and played in Gdansk in November 2017. Both versions contain beautiful artwork by the St. Petersburg-based graphic artist Kirill Rozhkov.


22.09.2019. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays a live gig @ Thirty Three Sounds: The Alphabet of St. Petersburg Experiment – Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg (with Denis Sorokin, Alexander Markvart).

19.08.2019. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #30 with the usual radio support by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

23.07.2019. Presenting ZHELEZOBETON mix #29.

29.06.2019. Presenting ZHELEZOBETON mix #28. Also, Kryptogen Rundfunk is featured in the opening track “Overaction of the mind” by Notum, in his album “Nihil Est In Intellectu” released by ZHELEZOBETON.

30.05.2019. Kryptogen Rundfunk performs live @ Sound Museum, St. Petersburg, along with Jacob Kirkegaard, including a special collaboration set.

22.05.2019. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #27.

18-20.05.2019. A trip to the annual open-air festival Solar Systo Togathering 2019. Performing several live sets, both solo as Kryptogen Rundfunk and DJ Kryptogen, and as a member of Lunar Abyss + jam-session with Svetlo111.

22.04.2019. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #26.

22.03.2019. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #25.

22.02.2019. What a productive date! First, there’s a new release by Kryptogen Rundfunk “Elusive Trajectories 2003​-​2006” published by kultFRONT and ZHELEZOBETON.

“This album offers a fresh look at the early period of Kryptogen Rundfunk’s sound in all its diversity. Sharp injections of digital glitches are polished by dense electronic drone and radio noises, raw sound of Soviet analogue synthesizers pervades the space with low-frequency vibrations, drum machines rumble in a slow industrial dance with a sampler used instead of a vocalist… The textures of the tracks vary from dark abstract drone ambient to edgy dashing noise, sometimes passing the stage of funny delusional rhythmic sketches. Each composition here is a separate short story, from a 12-minute immersion into the depths of radio waves on a psychedelic submarine to a 1-second collage made of several found sounds.”


Second, a release by Petrograd Drone Gathering “Live at Electro​-​Mechanica 2018”

“Petrograd Drone Gathering is an improvisational orchestra of mostly St. Petersburg-based experimental musicians with shifting line-up, often performing at different venues in the city and at open-air events of varying privacy. This recording was made on November 3, 2018 at the Electro-Mechanica XIII festival held at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. This time the line-up of the Drone Gathering featured Alexey Korablin (KorA/M, Moss Reconstruction), Evgeniy Savenko (Lunar Abyss, Mykoriza), M.M. (Kryptogen Rundfunk), Tim Six (Creation VI) and Pavel Dombrovskiy (Uhushuhu), the video-projection was created live by VJ Yuri Elik.

For 50 minutes the musicians explore the Bermuda triangle of the ambient, drone and noise genres. Synthesizers, guitars, voices, acoustic instruments and endless twists of sound effects merge into a single vibrating stream. The flow of music constantly changes its properties: sometimes the atmosphere is getting rarefied, creating lacunae of subtle harmonies and melodic lines, sometimes it builds up layers and acquires density turning into noisy rolling waves… Timeless and non-conceptual music for open minds.”


Third, a release of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum “Holynomimetik”, in which I participated as a live member.

“A fusion of several wonderful live recordings, varied in form and contents, but providing a feeling of transforming space. The sound combination is both bright and carrying far away. Multilayered magical realism in a single track revealing the inexhaustible resources of activity and peacefullness. This recording was included in the anniversary boxset LA20, but since it was strictly limited, this release allows you to hear this material. Packed in a double sleeve with handmade image, hand-written info and numeration.”


And finally, a new ZHELEZOBETON mix #24 by DJ Kryptogen.

01.02.2019. Kryptogen Rundfunk performs in a joins noise session with Mykoriza, Tim Six, Kora/M and Symphocat @ Turbine Drone / Gul Turbin – Sound Museum, St. Petersburg.

22.01.2019. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #23 promoting the news of ZHELEZOBETON mailorder. Radio support provided by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

11.01.2019. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live with Brighter Death Now @ Serdce, St. Petersburg.

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