26.12.2009. Performing live as a member of Noises Of Russia @ Recipes of the Eternity – ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Deep Frozen Lands, Places, Dom Vdovy, Kir, Glasberg, Maroon, Rajfajh, VJ Alco).

15.12.2009. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum and Govorit Radio “Kosmos” @ ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Kshatriy, VJ Yuri Elik).

09.12.2009. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum @ Otgoloski – Vermel, Moscow (with Akpan, Misery, Vresnit, Neznamo).

05.12.2009. A new split-release: Neznamo / Kryptogen Rundfunk / Lunar Abyss Deus Organum “Magnitnaj Zmij” published by BioSonar^Labirint.

“A triple split from the projects who played together in the cultural center “Dom”, Moscow on February 17, 2009, containing the material recorded live at that event. Neznamo – archaic drone ambient with live flute. Kryptogen Rundfunk – gritty noisy electronics filled with radio interference, samples and analogue signals. L.A.D.O. – multi-layered fractal psychedelic ambient.”


28.11.2009. Performing live as a member of Baltic Wind @ Elektro-Mechanica 2009 – Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, St. Petersburg (with Bimka, Dmitry Rodionov Experience, Kotra, Egor & Kate, Proskurnin, Skinny Patrini, Acid Buda, Melomakel).

21.11.2009. Performing live as a member of Noises Of Russia @ Läskifest 09 – Reality Research Center, Helsinki, Finland (with Läski, Tampo, Tuonpuoleisen Portot, Teemu Tuonela, Polkka Love Machine, Seppo Renvall, Mi Duncker, Arkaainen Verenhimo).

11.11.2009. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Pandus 2009 – VVC (VDNH), “Kosmos” exhibition hall, Moscow (with Pustotsvet, Kshatriy, Vera Sazhina, Vresnit, Pententacles + Purba, and others). My performace lasted for about 10 minutes, after which the PA burned out…

07.11.2009. Performing live as a member of Noises Of Russia @ Alchemy of Sound – ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with ForFaith).

Earlier on the same day I was performing as a member of Lesnye Bratya (a project formed by the members of Kryptogen Rundfunk, Bardoseneticcube, Hladna, Lunar Abyss, Noises Of Russia) @ Celebration of Dreams – Sigmund Freud Dreams Museum (with Nosoglotka, Maroon, Noises of Russia, Tail, and others).

03.11.2009. Performing live as a member of Lesnye Bratya @ ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Tail, Urozhay).

25.10.2009. Performing live as a guest musician for Glasberg (along with Ivan Napreenko) @ Let All Living Things Be Happy – Ruskomplekt, St. Petersburg (with Samoto Plus Isuzu, Drakon Makita).

19.09.2009. Two tracks of Govorit Radio “Kosmos” are released on a double CDR compilation “Thalamus III”  by kultFRONT label. The compilation is dedicated to the eponymous festival that took place on December 1-2, 2005 in St. Petersburg.

17.09.2009. A new release by Lunar Abyss Deus Organum + Hattifnatter “Lesnaya” – the second installment in the series of L.A.D.O. & Hattifnatter “collaborations”. 

“”Lesnaya” means “woody” in Russian, so this is a new woody album from LADO & Hattifnatter. Having walks in a forest in company with ether creatures, talks of trees, movements of roots, singing of streamlets melt together in deep psychedelic (dark)-ambient with haunting atmosphere.”


15.09.2009. Somewhere around this time the Swedish label Highbrow Lowlife run by Carl Abrahamsson published a new release: Cotton Ferox / Bardoseneticcube / Kryptogen Rundfunk / 1g0g “Mother Russia”.

“While Cotton Ferox were on tour in Russia in 2007, they got together with local experimentalists Bardoseneticcube, Kryptogen Rundfunk and 1g0g in St Petersburg. On a whim they decided to record an improvised jam session, as they felt an immediate musical kinship. The result, two long tracks, is a dark and brooding journey into the psyche of these Swedish and Russian minds. The sounds and structures suck you in and then won’t let go. It’s decidedly a netherworld trip – sometimes scary and sometimes gleefully curious.”


06.06.2009. Performing live as a member of New Orthodox Line @ Salto Mortale – Lyceum #1, Grodno, Belarus (with Iz Kozhi Von, Coda, Kimono vs. Bad Blood, Veerot).

30-31.05.2009. Playing live at the ESG-21 10 Years Anniversary, on the first day as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum (with Mycelium, Bardoseneticcube, Porch Nap), on the second day solo as Kryptogen Rundfunk (with Bimka, Ksandr, Yeti Eralash aka Musicproduct).

18.05.2009. Performing live as a member of Hattifnatter @ ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Ksandr).

07.05.2009. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Systo Palty Togathering 2009 – open-air, Leningrad region (with Svetlo, Cyclofillydea, Exit In Grey, Maroon, Neznamo, Vresnit, Diona, Ksandr & I.M.M.U.R.E., and others).

20.04.2009. Performing live as a member of New Orthodox Line @ ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Bardoseneticcube).

12.04.2009. Performing live as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum @ Cosmonoise 2009 – Small Hall of Manege, St. Petersburg (with Regis III, Bardoseneticcube, Eject, SWA, VJ Yuri Elik).

10.03.2009. Performing live as a member of Hattifnatter @ Point, St. Petersburg (with Faryus).

17.02.2009. Playing both solo as Kryptogen Rundfunk and as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum @ DOM, Moscow (with Neznamo).

The recordings from this gig will later be released as a 3-way split “Magnitnaj Zmij” CDR on BioSonar^Labirint.

12-15.02.2009. Kryptogen Rundfunk and Lunar Abyss Deus Organum go on a small Russian Finis Mundi tour, performing in Nizhniy Novgorod (Record, with Boevye Cikady), Kazan (Habermaas, with DJ Meinhof, Boevye Cikady, DJ Izhe Snami) and Cheboksary (Tunnel, with Zoicestra, Space World, Boevye Cikady).

09.02.2009. A new release by Lunar Abyss Deus Organum + Hattifnatter “Ostrov” – the first installment in the series of L.A.D.O. & Hattifnatter “collaborations”. 

“This album is compiled from the autumnal home sessions and field recordings made with the project Hattifnatter (E.S. from L.A.D.O. and M.M. from Kryptogen Rundfunk). Spacey walks in deserted places, city streets and parks. Sound canvases – immersions, once in saturated bioactive environment, then minimalistically laid-back, a bit sorrowful flows and currents.”


About the same time comes out another release – a double CD compilation “Heilige Feuer 6” dedicated to the 6th Heilige Feuer festival and containing two tracks from each participant of the festival, including Kryptogen Rundfunk.

04.02.2009. Performing as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum @ an untitled club at Goncharnaya 27, St. Petersburg (with New Orthodox Line, Kshatriy).

31.01.2009. Performing as a member of Cosmodrone (our collaboration project with members of Hladna and Noises Of Russia) @ an untitled club at Goncharnaya 27, St. Petersburg (with ‘Zevodvozogon’).

25.01.2009. Performing as a member of Hattifnatter @ Schwarze Welle – Revolution, St. Petersburg (with Glasberg).

08.01.2009. A new release from Lunar Abyss Deus Organum “Tuntury”, in recording of which I took part.

“This album of one of the oldest Russian dark-ambient projects Lunar Abyss Deus Organum is a collection of six sonic pictures of the world of thundra-yoga. Each composition is like a complex multidimentional mosaic build of layered sounds of completely different nature: field recordings, samples, synthesizers, singing, tape noises, etc. These layers not just sound along, but slowly and relentlessly create a slowly twisting deep sonic spiral, stretching listener’s attention out to several directions at once. Hallucinatory ambient of double dosage.”


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