03.12.2023. Performing live @ Optimus Prime Noise Fest #5 – Kraakkelder / Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg, NL (with Angels Mortis, Radical Vitality, Sunshine Lounge, Jenjen, Puppkakkbaggrlull, Kamloops, Glum Lord, Bureaukrat, Siegfried Karcher, CS2, Cock Cobra, Les Chiennes, Cloture Electronique, Zalm, Strict Nurse, Svartvit, Geseling, SitbQ, Orphax).

Specially for this event Vatican Analog released a compilation with 14 tracks from the participating artists. The CD-R edition was made in an amount of 34 copies. Kryptogen Rundfunk submitted a new track “Tin Woodman’s Heart Attack”.


17.11.2023. Performing live @ Radiaction Vondelbunker, Amsterdam, NL (with Bahk, pytr & schoco mune, Duke S., Soundmotherfucker, Frank Vis).

21.07.2023. DJ Kryptogen plays vinyl ambient / drone set @ Contemplatorium Moy Chay, Amsterdam, NL (with DJ Brainfilter, DJ Astuteficus).

12.07.2023. Kryptogen Rundfunk “To Dream is to Destroy” – new album is released by my own label Base Station and distributed by Fonodroom, check it out on bandcamp! Available physically on CDs & cassettes and digitally as download and streaming.

“This is the fourth studio album of Kryptogen Rundfunk and the first one since the project moved from Russia to the Netherlands. Six tracks full of weird trademark radio noises and interceptions, heavy bass drones and piercing high frequencies, abstract electronic signals and quirky samples. These layered compositions are slowly building up, creating thick mesmerizing walls of sound, yet at the same time leaving room for a bit of flippancy. An uneasy ride for a restless mind, but quite exciting for an attentive one!”


01.07.2023. Kryptosound Motherfunk (a spontaneous collaboration duo of Kryptogen Rundfunk and Soundmotherfucker) plays live electronics @ A/V Noise EncounterFilmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam, NL (with Caeso, Wave Resistance, Kutwijv, VJ Mike Iv).

22.06.2023. Live gig @ Les Brasseurs, Liège, BE (with D’incise, Pavel Tchikov + Timothée Quost).

28.05.2023. Kryptogen Rundfunk contributed a track “Snelle Duik” to a massive 3 CD compilation released in celebration of the 20 year anniversary of Sascha Stadlmeier’s project EMERGE. 40 artists are reworking and reinterpreting two EMERGE tracks from its very first release – “Relativity/Profundity” 7”EP by Drone Records. The release also contains rare EMERGE tracks and a download coupon for additional materials.


12.05.2023. Live gig presenting “Papa Srapa” documentary at Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam, NL (with Soundmotherfucker).

14.04.2023. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays first live show in The Netherlands @ 4bidden SOUNDS 4bidden SPACES #24bid Gallery / OT301, Amsterdam, NL (with bezvlastje, Soundmotherfucker, Tim Six).

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