18.07.2022. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #54 to promote the July update of ZHELEZOBETON label & mailorder.

Here’s also a new release – Lunar Abyss Deus Organum “Агды / Agdy” – a compilation of rare & unknown tracks, I participated in the recording of one live track.


09.07.2022. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Torzhestvo – Lastochka, St. Petersburg, RU (with Symphocat, Zveruga, The Rave In A Grave, Max Pozin, Nosukha, IVIVIV Chamber Orchestra, Kiskin’ Zhar, Imaginary Friends Orchestra, M.O.U.B.).

07.07.2022. “Война / Vojna” – a special anti-war compilation of Russian experimental & noise artists protesting against Putin’s invasion in Ukraine is published by the Danish label TOPOS. The compilation was curated by Jacob Kirkegaard and Artyom Kryptogen and is released as limited edition CDs, cassettes and digital download.

“This is a collective manifesto by Russian artists from the underground experimental & noise scene, speaking up against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. We are incredibly hurt by these actions and ashamed of the villainous crimes committed by our country. While we don’t have the power to stop the war, we can use our music to express our disgust for what is happening and the pain we feel for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. This music is our message to them and to the world.”


24-26.06.2022. Performing as a member of Lunar Abyss @ Sovet Valezhnika / Deadwood Council – open-air, Ushkovo, RU (with Yudol, BioSonar + G.O.D., Wanting Seed, [bɔː], Reconstruction Of Moss, Mykoriza, Jum-Jum, Mira Drevo, Podozritelnij Predmet, Harshan, ctlg, G.O.D. & MC Prorok, t_error 404, Svetlo111, Uhushuhu, Ophannim, Codex Occvlta, Tremorkikimor, AU)

09.06.2022. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #53 to promote the June update of ZHELEZOBETON label & mailorder. 

29.05.2022. My friends from the bands Krol’ and Majdanek Waltz published the EP “The Night is Coming”, with the last track featuring sounds by Kryptogen Rundfunk. You can listen to this EP here:


20-22.05.2022. Performing as a member of Petrograd Drone Gathering @ The Altar Of Noise / Solar Systo Togathering 2022 open-air, Leningrad region, RU (with Moscow Noise Manufactory, Heartful Screech Union).

30.04.2022. Playing a live cassette tape set as DJ Kryptogen at Serdce, St. Petersburg, RU (with Kapitan Nenavidit More).

24.04.2022. Performing as a member of Hattifnatter @ Hiss – Ugly, St. Petersburg, RU (with Dolphin Hospital + Drkblk, Barkal, Fesikl Mikensky, Furrr).

18.04.2022. A new release – a split-tape between Petrograd Drone Gathering (of which I am a member) and Moscow Noise Manufactory “PoluDr​ё​ma 26​.​11​.​2021” is out on ZHELEZOBETON.

“This recording was made at the “PoluDrëma” (“semi-slumber”) party, which took place on the night of November 26th-27th, 2021 at the Red Eyes Moscow club. From midnight until morning the St. Petersburg musicians played in sequence with artists from Moscow, for eight hours weaving a seamless fabric of oneiric sound for an audience which was either sleeping or drinking tea. These recordings were later edited in studio and condensed in two 45-minute pieces, showcasing all versatility of experimental ambient music.”


Also, there’s a new ZHELEZOBETON mix #52 with radio support by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

19.03.2022. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Water Circles XXI – Secret Place, St. Petersburg, RU (with Yudol, Egregoros, Old Moss, Ophannim, Hladna, Svetlo111).

23.02.2022. DJ Kryptogen plays live cassette tape set @ Mmmesss Market – Kiki, St. Petersburg, RU (with Dep435, bezvlastje, II:II, Tapehood). The recording of this set is available here.

04.02.2022. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #51 to promote the February update of ZHELEZOBETON label & mailorder. Radio support provided by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

30.01.2022. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays live @ Sunday Diary – Eto Zdes’, St. Petersburg, RU (with Abroaday, Uhushuhu, Mira Drevo, Mykoriza, Svetlo111, Tim Six).

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