29.12.2021. A new release – a self-titled album by KRCFHL.

“The recording entitled “KRCFHL” was made on September 28th, 2005 by the musicians of the projects Kryptogen Rundfunk, Cisfinitum and Hladna in the home studio of Evgeniy Voronovskiy in Moscow, right before the performance at the Our Baikonur mini-festival. Armed with analogue drum-machines, synthesizers and an electric violin with effect processors, this spontaneous trio delved into researching the present moment, moving along the rhythmic soundscapes filled both with emotional cosmic reveries and noisy psychedelic visions.

The recording was kept “in the drawer” for 16 years until kultFRONT dug it out and turned it into this release, prepared with the support of ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division. In addition to the original material, the label invited four projects – Notum, bezvlastje, Svetlo111 and Symphocat – to participate with remixes which showed their unique visions and peculiarly expanded the sound pallette of this album.

The edition is embellished with the photos of old St. Petersburg walls and is made in the form of 50 copies of 85-minute audio cassettes, and also as a double CD in a matte 4-panel digisleeve.”


18.12.2021. Performing as a member of Lunar Abyss @ Joy – Ugly, St. Petersburg (with Hladna, Reutoff, Colour 0, Sariim, Okkultative, Lena Popova, Adil, Ivan Logos, Milf, Draag, Valtron).

13.12.2021. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #50 to promote the December update of ZHELEZOBETON label & mailorder. Radio support provided by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

04.12.2021. St. Petersburg-based community Tapehood invited me to Washing Machine record store for a video stream featuring an interview about ZHELEZOBETON. I also played a cassette tape set with releases related to the label. The video recording of the whole streaming is on youtube and the slightly edited recording of the cassette set is on mixcloud.

26-27.11.2021. An intense weekend trip to Moscow. On Nov. 26th performing as a member of Petrograd Drone Gathering at the all-night-long sleep concert Poludrëma at Red Eyes Moscow (with Moscow Noise Manufacture). Some of the recordings from this gig were later released on a cassette.

Next day performing both solo as Kryptogen Rundfunk and as a member of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum at Gudelnaya fest at Onegog Center (with Ophannim, Mira Drevo, Uhushuhu, Hladna).

25.10.2021. Presenting ZHELEZOBETON mix #49 with the usual radio support by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

22.10.2021. Performing as a member of Hattifnatter at a birthday party of Svetlo111 at Eto Zdes’, St. Petersburg (with Svetlo111, Tim Six).

27.09.2021. Presenting ZHELEZOBETON mix #48 with the usual radio support by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

01.09.2021. A new release featuring very old material from our long forgotten project EKRAN. “Vintage Voyage” was recorded in August 2004 and released only now by the label [electrotapes archive] as a limited edition cassette.

“EKRAN was a collaboration project by the electronic musicians from St. Petersburg, Russia: M.M. (Kryptogen Rundfunk) and G.D. (Anthesteria), drawing inspiration from Soviet science fiction, space travel and the enthusiasm for scientific progress. The recording, made in 2004, has long waited for the opportunity to go on an interstellar journey. And now the countdown signal is given. Analogue sound of vintage synthesizers, nostalgia for the mid 20th century sci-fi aesthetics, atmospheric design using works by Taisia Korotkova. A vintage journey to the stars…”


13.08.2021. Presenting ZHELEZOBETON mix #47 with the usual radio support by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

09-11.07.2021. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays a live gig at “Think Like a Forest / Dumay Kak Les” open-air festival in the northern part of the Leningrad region (with Tretiy Mir, Micelium, Egregoros, iatemyself, Barkal, Furrr, Uhushuhu, Boevye Cikady, Soilcult, epafi, July in January, Nirnroot, Technicheskiy Prud, monomonotonetone, Podozritelnij Predmet, Symphocat, Tim Six, Svetlo111, Ophannim, Mykoriza, Mira Drevo, [bc:], and others).

06.07.2021. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #46 to promote the July update of ZHELEZOBETON label & mailorder. Radio support provided by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

31.05.2021. A track by Kryptogen Rundfunk is published on a big 3 CD compilation of live recordings from the “Gudelnaya Polyana” stage of the Solar Systo Togathering 2020 festival. I also participated in tracks by Lunar Abyss and Petrograd Drone Gathering. 


Also, a new ZHELEZOBETON mix #45 is out.

21-24.05.2021. A trip to the annual open-air festival Solar Systo Togathering 2021. Performing solo as Kryptogen Rundfunk and as a member of Lunar Abyss and Cosmodrone projects (with Lastochka Kikimota, Uhushuhu, Podozritelniy Predmet, Good Infection, Jaarvi, Droning Room & [bo:], Tim Six, Six Dead Bulgarians, Boi-Ke`, Soilcult, Murmuration Meditation, Boevye Cikady, Ophannim, Jum-Jum, Reconstruction Of Moss, Mira Drevo, Creation VI, Dekho, Kontakt S Inoplanetyanami Eto Muzyka, Evergreen DJ, Mykoriza, Sasha Vinogradova, Tretiy Mir, Drone Liberation Front, Noises Of Russia, Svetlo111, bezvlastje, Codex Occvlta, tremorkikimor, WDMD & Dyroplane, w i i, Tuhjades Maades, Umbraculum, Moxomex, Petrograd Drone Gathering, abroaday, Sonozero, Sacha Rush, Maromokotro, Peter Theremin, MonoMonoToneTone, Symphocat, SynthCone, Micelium, Egregoros, Shumy Tomi, AOOM, QZen, epafi).

31.03.2021. A new release from Petrograd Drone Gathering “Puerhwave”, a project I’m taking part in. This limited edition CD contains live recordings from 2016-2019 and is packed in a silk-screened cardboard box with various handmade inserts.

“The first track is a 20-minute fragment of the very first live performance of the Gathering on October 28th, 2016 at the St. Petersburg Sound Museum (ex-GEZ-21). At that time the project consisted of Evgeniy Savenko (Lunar Abyss), М.М. (Kryptogen Rundfunk), Pavel Dombrovskiy (Uhushuhu) and Pyotr Abysov (Ogni Videniy). From the very beginning the ensemble acquired their trademark sound – a dense psychedelic cocktail of experimental ambient character, based on vibrating guitar drones, processed acoustic instruments, shamanic incantations, analogue synthesizers and field recordings.

The second track is a 45-minute set recorded at the tea club “Know The Tea” on November 30, 2019 with an extended line-up: Evgeniy Savenko (Lunar Abyss), Dmitry Maslyakov (Mira Drevo), Alexey Korablin (Reconstruction Of Moss), Pavel Dombrovskiy (Uhushuhu), Lilia Tkachuk (Tremorkikimor), Anton Sonda-Junglov & Sergey Shmykov (w i i). A gentle stream of sound, enveloping the listener with layers of abstract patterns, into which one can plunge entirely and have a good trip, or simply use it as background for a tea party with hatters of any degree of madness.


Also, a new ZHELEZOBETON mix #44 is out.

28.03.2021. Kryptogen Rundfunk plays a multi-channel live gig @ Spatial Music Lab – Sound Museum / ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Svetlo111, Dmitry Shubin).

20.03.2021. Playing live sets with Kryptogen Rundfunk and Lunar Abyss @ Cryptorave 2.0 – Noise Walk With Me – Balty, St. Petersburg (with 873hz, pt9, Barkal, Suurmas, Symphocat, Svetlo111, Uhushuhu, Lojesna Lsa, Tim Six, Mark Silinio, Mira Drevo, and others).

There is a recording of this performance on youtube.

27.02.2021. Greek label E.C.T. reissued Kryptogen Rundfunk’s debut full-length album “22.SZ” in a cassette format, limited to 50 copies. There’s a video teaser for this reissue on youtube. Originally, this album was released in 2004 on CD by the French (now US) label Mechanoise Labs.


26.02.2021. Performing as a member of Hattifnatter @ Barometrizm – Sound Museum / ESG-21, St. Petersburg (with Boevye Cikady, Tim Six, VJ Yuri Elik).

Also, a new ZHELEZOBETON mix #43 is out.

29.01.2021. DJ Kryptogen presents ZHELEZOBETON mix #42 to promote the January update of ZHELEZOBETON label & mailorder. Radio support provided by Resonance Extra (UK) and Sector Radio (RU).

12.01.2021. A new release! “Tanzender Besofenner Kryptogen Rindfunk” – an oddly named compilation of remixes of Kryptogen Rundfunk tracks is released by kultFRONT label as a limited edition C-94 cassette. Remixes created by Blvmkin (Majdanek Waltz), Drone Liberation Front, Psychoactivity (Eject / Sonozero), Miroslav Shumov (Neznamo), Svetlo111, Mira Drevo, Sergey Sukhovik (Exit In Grey / Radioson), Hladna, Paul Begge (Mirum Fatum / Forgttn) & MC Prorok (Noises Of Russia), Lunar Abyss, Neuronaut (Places), Kshatriy, Notum, Uhushuhu & D.I.Abigor. 


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